Nils Inne

Born in October 1986 in Nice - France, Nils grew up amongst his father's paint brushes, who is also an artist, and his skateboard on which he tore through the streets of Nice.

But it was in Biarritz - France where Nils spent most of his adolescence , sponsored by big skate brands, due to his talent as a skater. Little by little he concentrated on a new objective; to unite his two passions; skateboarding and art (painting and sculpture). Inspired by the master pieces of his heros and religious works, giving his own image of the world to give a new vision of the monuments of our culture, free from the confines of tradition to marry incredible colors and lines.

A violence and richness of tone whilst maintaining a deep balance never fail to penetrate the viewer of these works from the first instance.

Nils Inne @nilsinne
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