Karoline, aka wildtrophychild during her studies at 24 discovered the world of tattooing on the internet. Engineer and Architect, she developed an interest in the perception of towns and cities and the movement of people within them during her studies.

These two themes were explored using different tools, methods and technologies (paint, design, photography, tattooing, ceramics, models…). Four years later, after university, Karoline has found a real interest and pleasure in the prolongation, suffocation and evolution of these themes.

Tattooing has become a significant part of Karoline's life, today she is equally a professional engineer and a tattoo artist.

Karoline, aka wildtrophychild


Nigel Poulton, Ocean enthusiast and bodysurfer based in Biarritz.

Through a passion for the arts, image and film combined with a love of the Ocean, Skate and Surf Culture, Nigel has been able to capture some rare Biarritz perspectives from local skaters to land bound coastal landscapes.

Nigel Poulton

Simon Roche

Simon was born in Dieppe, a small norman town in France in 1990.

He moved to Biarritz in the south west of France to study, surf and get in touch with the culture. Working in a surf shop in the winter and surftrippin' in the winter.

Simon is inspired by the world around him, the day to day and has a recognisable style creating vivid, colourful, out of this world characters with references to nature, waves and the contrast between the beauty and violence of the world.

Simon Roche

Sebastien Blanc

Sébastien Blanc is an illustrator / artist / musician born in Marseille en 1975. He studied at the Beaux Arts in Marseille and is a graphic designer. He plays the bass in a hardcore rock group since 1999 - implicated in the hardcore punk scene where he has recorded a number of discs and related artworks, t-shirts et posters. From this period he developed a passion for le DIY.

In 2015 Seb took a 6 month tour of the world with his wife femme and daughter of 8 years, he discovered surfing, which became a passion. Son esthétique puise ses racines dans le punk, la culture californienne, le tatouage et le gout pour les vagues.

Sébastien Blanc illustrator @sebcjblanc

Pierre Toure Cuq

Unlike many local artists, Pierre's gaze is not turned towards the ocean but to Greek mythology and architecture.

He uses photography, gravure and paint but his love is raw materials like metal, wood and stone which guide him towards sclupture.

Pierre Touré Cuq - PlanetB Artists

Nils Inne

Born in October 1986 in Nice - France, Nils grew up amongst his father's paint brushes, who is also an artist, and his skateboard on which he tore through the streets of Nice.

But it was in Biarritz - France where Nils spent most of his adolescence , sponsored by big skate brands, due to his talent as a skater. Little by little he concentrated on a new objective; to unite his two passions; skateboarding and art (painting and sculpture). Inspired by the master pieces of his heros and religious works, giving his own image of the world to give a new vision of the monuments of our culture, free from the confines of tradition to marry incredible colors and lines.

A violence and richness of tone whilst maintaining a deep balance never fail to penetrate the viewer of these works from the first instance.

Nils Inne @nilsinne


Mash is a hybred universe, a creative universe, which juggles between black and white and colours, between painting and crayon and different supports. Before everything it's a passion born when she was 6 years old.

With the goal of setting off to find new techniques, new meetings, new supports, to cultivate the gardens of her imagination and to go outside the comfort zone.

A strange animal in the heart of a solitary jungle.

Mash - PlanetB Artists

Lyndon Polan

Born in Montréal, Lyndon is an emerging visual artist whose work consists principally of illustrations, collages and oil painting.

His series leans towards mass production or impressions.

His works start with a digital sketch, mixing and arranging contrasted images.

However, the finished work is handmade. This procedure has evolved over the past 5 years whilst studying in Paris, Amsterdam and Biarritz France.

After receiving his diplôme en beaux-arts à Biarritz France in 2017, he returned to Montréal where he now lives and works.

Lyndon Polan - PlanetB Artists

Lester Dl

Lester Daniel developed his creative universe from flotsam. The Ocean nourishes him work - composed of wood, flotsam ejected on to the beach and other inspiring items in his path.

As a lover of nature he recycles elements to give them a new life, a new form.

Lester mixes graphic influenced arts, street art to create des allures de robots, colourful humanoides - bounding into being from his imagination.

His imagination gallops to create these gardiens who watch overt us.

Lester Daniel - PlanetB Artists


Born in Caracas, Venezuela en 1992, Joserra grow up in this modern tropical capital, between museums, graffiti and violence.

At 22 years old he exiled in Paris, and passed through Mexico, and then found la côte basque.

His work is a mix of currents contemporary and post-modern exploring the imaginary, design, tattoos painting and street art.

Joserra - PlanetB Artists


J-Miléna is an artist with a passion for image.

Photography is her medium of predilection, her first photographs are influenced by the South of France, The Mediterranean, La Provence and the laid back way of life.

She has always loved colours and well defined shadows created by sunlight, the powerful black tones which give birth to frank lines, those which give the impression that they are easy to reproduce to give life to another image, leaving open spaces.

These premier lines of illustration seem to be guided, tirelessly, by a notion of a balance, the sea and the setting sun.

J-Miléna - PlanetB Artists


His inspirations are raw art, l'art brute and arrogant graffiti, art for children and life experiences...

It's with these ingredients, testing and graphic research that Braind has developed the syle for which he is know today.

His work is inspired by myths, questions about human existence, his place in the nature order, death, the afterlife, dreams and human emotions

Briand - PlanetB Artists
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